Respawn opening new studio to work on Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale shooter Apex Legends has been so successful that not only does the developer have plenty of plans for the game’s future, but it’s set up an entirely separate studio to help accomplish those plans.

In a new interview with, Respawn COO Dusty Welch talks about the new team that’s been put together up in Vancouver, which was already a major hub for EA studios. The team, which Welch says will ideally consist of around 80 people, was set up in order to help take some of the workload off of the main Apex Legends team down in California.

“Rather than list out the thing we want to get done and therefore what roles we need, we started off with: we know we want to build Apex, and Apex has a huge opportunity to evolve in the future, being a live service game,” adds Steven Ferreira, the team director for the new Vancouver studio, in the article. “And so we started with who was passionate about making Apex, and we built a team around strong individuals as opposed to a project plan that you would conventionally start off a project around.”

Thankfully, it seems that EA is fully behind Respawn in working to not only build Apex Legends up to be a better game, but also keep it that way.

“We have a long-term view for where we’d like to take the franchise, and EA supports that long-term view of building out the franchise,” says Welch.

Check out the full interview with the team at Respawn below.


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