Report: Sony increasing PlayStation 5 production to meet demand

There’s been a lot of questions on the demand for next-generation consoles this year given their expected cost, worldwide economic uncertainty, and the continuation of COVID-19. At least one console manufacturer, however, seems increasingly confident of how things will go.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Sony had previously intended to produce 5 to 6 million PlayStation 5 consoles through the end of its fiscal year in March 2021. Now, however, the outlet’s sources say that Sony is boosting that target significantly up to 10 million units.

While people currently are spending less and feeling more concerned about the security of their jobs, video games are one segment of society that has seen huge boosts during the ongoing pandemic. If you need to be stuck at home, video games are a fantastic way to help pass the time.

So, even with the initial costs associated with buying a new console, it seems demand for next-generation gaming experiences may be stronger than ever.

Source: Bloomberg

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