Report: Bloomberg offers up price range, hardware details for more powerful Switch

In a new report today, Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki and Ian King have offered up details on the long-rumored Nintendo Switch upgrade.

First, the big question everyone wants to know: price. According to the analysts Bloomberg spoke with, the expected price for the device is between $349.99 and $399.99. That would put the new Switch $100 above the price of an Xbox Series S, at the same level of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, but well below the cost of the two main next-gen consoles.

Next up is talk on what’ll be inside the system, and things seem to be going along the lines of what many have expected. The new Switch will supposedly make use of an upgraded Nvidia GPU that supports Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS. Why is this important? DLSS allows hardware to initially render games at much lower resolutions, but then upscale them using artificial intelligence. Through this method, games can push 4K resolutions without needing the hardware required for native 4K rendering.

Beyond that, according to Bloomberg, the new Switch model will also get an upgraded CPU and memory, along with a 7″ OLED 720p display.

The upgraded Switch is rumored to be launching later this year, but as with everything right now, those plans could be delayed.

Source: Bloomberg

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