Redfall: Vampire Survivors

Get to know the four playable heroes of Redfall.

Redfall lets you play as one of four different survivors. While every character has access to the same pool of weapons and loot, they each have their own skill trees and abilities to level up, which means their battle tactics vary quite a bit. Here’s a quick guide to the stake-slinging quartet.

Jacob Boyer

Jacob served in the military and now works for a private military corporation stationed in Redfall. The vampire shenanigans have left him with a few neat abilities: He can temporarily go invisible, he can send out a raven made of psychic energy to scout the battlefield, and he can summon an uber-powerful psychic sniper rifle to land a few devastating shots when he needs it most.

Devinder Crousley

Devinder travels the world investigating paranormal phenomena and cryptids for his social media channel. It’s a stroke of luck, then, that he happens to be in Redfall for a book signing when the vampire threat breaks loose. If he can survive—using his electrocuting Arc Javelin, short-range teleporter, and vamp-freezing UV emitter—he’s going to have some truly unbeatable content.

Layla Ellison

Redfall resident and biomed student Layla signed up for an experimental procedure intended to help her headaches. Instead, it gave her telekinetic powers. Now, she can create a TK-powered elevator to give her and her friends a boost into the air, or a TK umbrella to block incoming projectiles. She’s also got the most hilarious ultimate ability in the game: she calls up her now-vampified ex-boyfriend to temporarily fight alongside her.

Remi de la Rosa

Remi served as a combat engineer, and she’s got a special affinity for robotics. She can throw out C4 explosives to blast the bad guys and create control points that heal and revive any teammates inside a certain radius. But what really sets her apart is Bribón, a little bipedal robot that can be used to distract enemies or draw aggro off the survivors during combat. You can even use the C4 with Bribón to set up an explosive surprise.

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