Redfall: Rook Who’s Stalking

As you work to free the island of Redfall from the Vampire Gods, your actions won’t go unnoticed. While liberating areas of the map, killing special vampires, or generally meddling with the baddies’ sinister plans, you’ll gradually fill up a meter showing how much attention you’re attracting—kind of the vampire equivalent of the Wanted Level in Grand Theft Auto.

When you top out your meter, no matter what you happen to be doing, the Vampire Gods will unleash a special surprise: the Rook. This powerful enemy appears in a storm of red lightning, and it’s a safe bet that when he shows up, all your best laid plans are going out the window. He deals massive amounts of damage, and can quickly close the distance to you. If you want to survive, you’ll need to focus everything you have on taking him down ASAP. While it’s not an impossible challenge, the real threat comes from the unpredictability. Taking on a powerful enemy is one thing; having him interrupt an already hectic battle is something else entirely.

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