Redfall: 100% Science-Based Vampire Shooter

One thing that sets Redfall apart from most other vampire media is its take on the monsters. These aren’t the same magical vampires from Eastern European folklore or Dracula and the countless stories that inspired it.

“Our vampires are science based; the results of a greedy, immoral biotech experiment gone wrong,” explained co-creative director Harvey Smith. While they don’t have to ask permission to enter a house, and while you won’t be able to keep them at bay with garlic or crucifixes, there are still plenty of recognizable elements that make them vampires. “They regenerate, fear the sun, drink blood, and have a host of psychic abilities,” he added.

That Redfall’s vampires are the result of an experiment also plays into the themes of the game, according to co-creative director Ricardo Bare. “Vampirism in our game, it’s not an accident, right? It’s not like, ‘Oh no, I got bit, I’m gonna turn. Maybe we can find a cure,’” he said. “Our approach is like, ‘No, people who became vampires, they already were vampires, kind of, on the inside.’”

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