Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC enhancements and new content detailed

Rockstar has shared details about the graphical enhancements and new content included in the upcoming PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

According to the developer, the PC version of the game will feature increased draw distances, higher-quality global illumination and ambient occlusion, higher quality snow trails, improved reflections, higher resolution shadows, and improved grass and fur textures. Check out some screenshots below:

In addition to the above, the PC release will include several updates for the game’s Story Mode. Players will be getting three new Bounty Hunter Missions, two new Gang Hideouts, two new Treasure Maps, four weapons, new horses, and five additional Trinkets. A full list of additional content, courtesy of Rockstar, can be found below:

Three Bounty Hunter Missions

  • Herman Zizendorf has been stealing tools from tradesmen – track him down in Blackwater.
  • Ex-Confederate Cavalry Officer Camille de Millemont is wanted dead or alive out by Catfish Jacksons, but his loyal men are never far behind.
  • Bart Cavanaugh and his gang are camping out in Big Valley. Take Bart dead or alive without alerting his gang if you want to avoid a whole mess of trouble. 

Two Gang Hideouts

  • Take on the deadly Del Lobos gang in new hideouts at Gaptooth Breach and Solomon’s Folly.

Two Treasure Maps

  • Search for treasures across the new Landmarks of Riches and The Elemental Trail maps for gold bars and other rewards.

New Mission

  • To The Ends of The Earth – Collect requested herbs for various rewards.

New Weapons

  • M1899 Pistol – all-new Semi-automatic handgun with clip loaded ammunition
  • Evans Repeater – high capacity repeater (previously available in Red Dead Online only)
  • High Roller Revolver – ornate double-action revolver (previously available in Red Dead Online only)
  • Le Mat Revolver – powerful revolver with the ability to shoot shotgun shells (previously available in Red Dead Online only)    

New Horses

  • Warped Brindle Arabian – a fast and agile mount
  • Few Spot Appaloosa – beautiful and hardy, ideal for cross-country journeys
  • Perlino Andalusian – a healthy, sturdy animal, ideal for hunting (previously available in Red Dead Online only)
  • Red Chestnut Arabian – a fleet-footed beast with a distinctive coat (previously available in Red Dead Online only)
  • Plus 3 new wild horse variations – keep an eye out for wild herds featuring the Buttermilk Buckskin Kentucky Saddler, Liver Chestnut Morgan and Gold Palomino Tennessee Walker 

New Trinkets

  • Hawk Talon – permanently decreases Stamina bar drain speed by 30% when drawing a bow 
  • Cat Eye – permanently increases the length of Fortifying tonic effects by 20%
  • Shark Tooth – permanently increases horse bonding experience bonus by 10%
  • Turtle Shell – permanently increases health bar refill speed by 10%
  • Crow Beak – permanently increases looted ammo by 10%

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be available on PC via the Epic Games Store, Greenman Gaming, the Humble Store, GameStop, and “additional digital retailers” on November 5th. A Steam release is scheduled to follow in December.

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