Red Dead Online’s Frontier Pursuits and Outlaw Pass now live

Rockstar has delivered the Frontier Pursuits update for Red Dead Online that adds new roles for players, The Outlaw Pass, and more.

The highlight of today’s update is the introduction of the Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector roles. Players can choose to chase down bad guys as a Bounty Hunter, start a business as a Trader, or search the lands for lost treasures as a Collector. By progressing in each role, players will be able to earn exclusive rewards, including new emotes, upgrades, and more.

Also added today is the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Club, which is Rockstar’s take on the battle pass. All players will be automatically enrolled in the club upon logging in and can upgrade their membership by earning XP to unlock new clothing and accessories, a special gun wrap, cash, car packages, an emote, and more. A premium version is also available called The Outlaw Pass. The pass costs 35 Gold Bars and offers exclusive clothing, weapon stylings, campsite themes, cash, and up to 35 Gold Bars.

Other changes in today’s update include the addition of directional damage indicators, new horse breeds, the ability to change character appearance without resetting progress, increased movement and animation speeds, and new items, weapons, and vehicles.

Finally, PlayStation 4 players get early access to the American Foxhound Camp Dog, Shoot The Sky Emote, three new Ability Cards (Gunslinger’s Choice, Strength in Numbers, and Ride Like The Wind), and new clothing items (the Carrigan Hat, Burnham Boots, and Avery Gloves).

Red Dead Online is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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