Red Dead Online’s fifth Outlaw Pass is now live

Red Dead Online players can now pick up The Outlaw Pass No. 5 for 35 Gold Bars.

By working through the 80 ranks in this latest pass, players can unlock new clothing, emotes, camp items, horse manes and moustaches, Moonshine Shack décor, and more. Additionally, all players can get rewards through the free Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Club, including weapon modifications, a free Ability Card, ammunition, Moonshine Mash Refills, and more.

Rockstar also mentioned that all players who choose to purchase The Outlaw Pass No. 5 before March 23rd will receive a 10 Gold Bar rebate.

In addition to the above, Red Dead Online players can get double RDO$ and XP from all Free Roam Missions, triple XP from clearing out Gang Hideouts, and some login rewards. Naturalists will receive a Legendary Ghost Panther Sample, Collectors get five American Wildflowers, Moonshiners get five free Mash Refills and 30 percent off a Novice or Promising item, and Traders can look forward to two rewards worth 25 Trader Goods each.

While players looking to save a few RDO$ can pick up role outfits and hats, the Refined Binoculars, the Wilderness Camp, and more at a discount. Check out the full list of available discounts below:

  • All Role Outfits and Hats – 30% off
  • Refined Binoculars – 40% off
  • Wilderness Camp – 40% off
  • All Trading Wagons (Except the Hunting Wagon) – 40% off
  • Condenser and the Polished Copper Upgrade – 40% off
  • Relocation Fees for the Moonshine Shack – Free

Finally, players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts before April 12th will receive 30 percent off select multi-class horses, 30 percent off Horse Care Pamphlets, and 40 percent off any saddle.

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