Red Dead Online update adds The Naturalist role, Legendary Animals, and more

Rockstar has delivered a new major update for Red Dead Online that introduces a new role, legendary animals, and more.

Following today’s update, players can visit the Welcome Center in Strawberry to meet up with Harriet Davenport and Gus Macmillan to start the new Naturalist role. Players must choose which of these two they wish to aid while progressing through the role. Players who help Harriet by collecting samples without killing animals will receive unique rewards, such as Sedative Varmint Cartridges and the Animal Reviver. While those who side with Gus will get legendary animal coats and Animal Trinkets for delivering animal parts.

Players can also choose to go down both routes, but Rockstar warns that “Harriet will take notice of your poaching activities if you try to play both sides of this quarrel.”

Progressing through the Naturalist role will reward players with a new breed of horses, weight loss and gain tonics, special tonics that mitigate weather effects, and new skills such as Mercy Kills. Naturalists will also encounter legendary animals in Free Roam and through Animal Sighting assignments that can either be preserved and sampled for Harriet or taken down for Gus.

Other additions include an Advanced Camera that offers increased mobility and new filters, new Free Roam events, new clothing, and new weapons, such as the Improved Bow and Elephant Rifle.

Finally, The Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Club and Outlaw Pass are back with new rewards to obtain. The premium Outlaw Pass has 80 Ranks to unlock that reward up to 40 Gold Bars, unique outfits, weapons, camp upgrades, and more. The Outlaw Pass will be available until October 19th. Read more about today’s update here.

Red Dead Online is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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