Red Dead Online players can complete all 10 Legendary Bounties this week

Rockstar has made all 10 Legendary Bounty targets available in Red Dead Online this week across all platforms.

Players can head on over to the Bounty Board and pick up contracts for The Wolf Man, The Owlhoot Family, Cecil C. Tucker, and more. In addition to unlocking all bounties, Rockstar is offering 50 percent more cash and 25 percent more XP on all Bounties issues from the board.

There’s also a new Collection for Collectors to complete and a couple of new additions to the catalog, including the Covington Hat and Patterned Bandana.

While players looking to save some money can pick up the Bounty Wagon at a 25 percent discount and get 25 percent off all items sold by Fences and Madam Nazar.

Finally, PlayStation Plus members who play Red Dead Online before November 25th can get the Page of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles and King of Pentacles Tarot Cards for free.

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