Red Dead Online offering double gold for daily challenges

Rockstar is offering Red Dead Online players double gold in all daily challenges between now and September 2nd. Completing all seven challenges will award four gold bars per day, instead of the usual two.

In addition to the double gold, completing 10 daily challenges before September 2nd will grant a bonus of 30 Explosive Repeater Ammo and 10 Poison Throwing Knives. Players can also earn an extra 40 percent bonus XP in all Showdown Modes this week.

On top of all this, there are some new items available in the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue, including the Gator Hat, Woodland Gloves, Ortega Hat, Tied Pants, Calhoun Boots, and Vaquero Baroque Spurs.  

While players looking to save a bit of cash can take advantage of discounts on Tonics and Provisions, Action/Greet Emotes, and Ability Card Upgrades this week.

Finally, Red Dead Online players who have linked their Twitch Prime and Rockstar Social Club accounts can pick up the Tasman and Danube outfits, the How Dare You emote, and the Carcano Rifle.

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