Red Dead Online offering Call to Arms bonuses this week

Rockstar has revealed the latest batch of bonuses and discounts for Red Dead Online players.

To start with, the Call to Arms mode is paying out double the usual XP for the next week as well as a bonus of 3,000 Club XP for players teaming up with a Persistent Posse. Players can also get some bonuses for surviving in Call to Arms, with five Capitale for Wave 3, five Capitale for Wave 7, and 10 Capitale and 2,000 Character XP for Wave 10.

In addition to the above, the Il Sovrano Opportunity is offering double RDO$ and XP, and players can get 100 rounds of High Velocity Rifle and Revolver Ammo for logging in this week.

As for this week’s discounts, rifles are discounted by 30 percent, Ammo Crafting Pamphlets are reduced by 40 percent, and Ability Card upgrades are 30 percent off. Take a look at the full list of available deals below:

  • Rifles – 30% off
  • Ammo Crafting Pamphlets – 40% off
  • Ability Card Upgrades – 30% off
  • Hats – 30% off
  • Mustangs – 30% off

Finally, players who connect their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts before October 25th get 40 Capitale and 50 percent off the Mauser Pistol.

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