Red Dead Online Moonshiners get bonus XP this week

Rockstar has revealed this week’s selection of bonuses and discounts for Red Dead Online players.

For the next week, Moonshiners will get a 50 percent Role XP Boost on all Moonshiner Sell, Story, and Bootlegger Missions. Alongside this bonus, all players who complete five daily challenges this week will be gifted a Treasure Map, which can be picked up from the Camp Lockbox or Post Office.

Rockstar is also offering all players who sign up to The Outlaw Pass 2 by March 8th 10 ranks worth of Club XP. This bonus XP will be delivered to the Benefits section within 48 hours of signing up to the pass.

A number of bonuses are available for the next week, including 25 percent off Arabian Horses, 30 percent off all vests and bandoliers, and 40 percent off the hunting bow and fishing rod.

Finally, Twitch Prime and PlayStation Plus subscribers can get some additional bonuses. Twitch Prime subscribers get the Collector’s bag, the Polished Copper Moonshine Still, and five ranks of Moonshiner Role XP. While PlayStation Plus members can select three ability cards of their choice.

Red Dead Online is available now for owners of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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