Red Dead Online Collectors get bonuses and discounts this week

This week’s selection of bonuses and discounts for Red Dead Online players focus on Collectors.

Over the next seven days, new Collectors can get a five Gold Bar discount on the Collectors bag and players who already own the bag can enjoy a 100 percent Role XP boost. In addition, players who turn in the Gold Panners Dream Weekly Collection or any full collection to Madam Nazar will receive a double Role XP boost as well.

There are also several discounts available at Madam Nazar’s shop for Collectors this week, including 30 percent off the Pennington Field Shovel, 30 percent off the Metal Detector, 30 percent off the Refined Binoculars, and 50 percent off Collector’s Maps.

Finally, all players who log in to Red Dead Online before March 2nd will get five ranks worth of Club XP.

Red Dead Online is available now for all owners of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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