Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters get rewarded this week

Red Dead Online is offering Bounty Hunters bonuses, gifts, and more for the next week, Rockstar has revealed.

This week, Bounty Hunters get double Role XP from all Bounty Missions, 1.5x the normal RDO$ and Role XP from all Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events, and double Gold for trading in Bounty Hunter XP. In addition to these bonuses, all Competitive Challenge Free Roam Events are handing out double XP.

Rockstar is also lifting rank requirements for all horses and weapons (except role exclusive) and gifting Bounty Hunters a Treasure Map and 100 rounds of High Velocity Rifle Ammo just for logging in.

While players looking to save their RDO$ can get 50 percent off all Bolas, 30 percent off Improved Saddles, 40 percent off Breton Horses, 30 percent off Double Bandoliers, and 30 percent off shirts, corsets, and dresses. Additionally, Prestigious Bounty Hunter outfit, emote, and wagon tints are discounted by 30 percent.

Finally, players linking their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Social Club accounts will receive 50 percent off the Advanced Camera and select outfits up to Rank 15, as well as five Blending Tonics and five Legendary Animal Pheromones.  

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