Red Dead Online adds three new Hardcore Telegram Missions

Red Dead Online players can now take on a new batch of Hardcore Telegram Missions.

These missions are tougher than the usual Telegram Missions due to aim assistance being removed and enemies not being visible on the map. The first of these new missions, Good and Dead, tasks players with taking down a target in the heart of Saint Denis with only a description of their last known outfit to go on.

While Frontier Justice requires players to free hostages of the Del Lobos gang and disrupt their occupation of Armadillo. The third and final mission, Cold Day in Hell, involves stealing a local gang’s plans for an upcoming robbery.

In addition to the above missions, all Races are paying out double XP and there’s a 50 percent boost to RDO$ and Role XP earned from Trader and Moonshine Sales.

Traders can also get 25 Trader Goods just for logging in, while all players can grab a free Horse Care Package from any Stable this week.

Moving onto this week’s discounts. All Race Horses and Stable Stalls are reduced by 30 percent, the Butcher Table and Moonshine Shack are discounted by five Gold Bars, and upgrades and themes for the Moonshine Shack are available at a 30 percent discount. Visit Rockstar’s site for the full list of weekly deals.

Finally, players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts before October 25th will receive 40 Capitale and 50 percent off the Mauser Pistol.

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