Red Dead Online adds the Shadow Buck, Vitalism Studies

Rockstar has revealed this week’s additions, bonuses, and discounts for Red Dead Online.

To start with, Naturalists can take on a new Sighting Mission for Harriet that requires them to locate the mysterious Shadow Buck. Successfully sedating and sampling the buck rewards a free Vest and 100 rounds of Sedative Ammo. While players who opt to kill and skin the animal for Gus get 100 rounds of Express Repeater Ammo and the opportunity to purchase the Shadow Coat.

Naturalists who are rank five or above can also take on a new Vitalism Studies mission for Harriet. Follow the steps in Harriet’s pamphlet to obtain the Harrietum Officinalis herb and experience life as a buck.

Additionally, there’s a new Hardcore Takeover Series and discounts on outfits, offhand holsters, gun belts, and Repeaters this week.

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