Red Dead Online adds new legendary bounty, clothing, and more

Red Dead Online players can now hunt down Russian-born hunter and trapper Nikoli Borodin to complete the latest legendary bounty. Borodin is wanted for several murders and the disappearance of a U.S. marshal sent to apprehend him. He was last seen in the area south of Strawberry, but Rockstar warns that he has wild grizzly bears captive.

Players who manage to bring Borodin to justice will be rewarded with cash, three Special Snake Oil, and 10 Big Game Meat.

In addition to the above, the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. catalog has been updated with the Chumley Flat Cap, Salcedo Shirt, Crutchfield Suspenders, Dress Shoes, Cardenas Poncho, Ballard Jacket, Aguirre Boots, Goodale Shirtwaist, and the Fulbright Coat.

Also available this week is a new collection for Collectors to complete. The Bowman’s Collection requires the Flint Arrowhead, Raw Arrowhead, and Agate Arrowhead.

Finally, all PlayStation Plus members will get the Page of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, and King of Pentacles Tarot Cards for free just for logging in before November 25th.

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