Red Dead Online adds Fear of the Dark game mode, new legendary bounty

Rockstar has introduced a new limited-time mode to Red Dead Online this week called Fear of the Dark. The mode pits a team of powerful Night Stalkers against the human Hunters. The Night Stalkers power is tied to masks in their spawn area and it’s up to the Hunters to claim these masks for themselves to weaken the enemy team.

Hunters can claim victory in this mode by collecting all masks and eliminating the Night Stalkers. While the Night Stalkers either have to eliminate the Hunters or survive until time runs out. Fear of the Dark will be available until November 12th and is offering three times Gold and double RDO$.

Bounty Hunters can also attempt to locate and apprehend Tobin Winfield this week. This corrupt politician can be found around Thieves’ Landing.

Also available this week are some new additions to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, including the Tobacco Hat, the Thacker Hat, the Torranca Coat, the Manstilla Poncho, the Crewswell Skirt, the Sierra Boots, and the Pickett Boots.

Finally, players can get 30 percent off all Cleavers, Machetes, Tomahawks, and Throwing Knives this week.

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