Red Dead Online adds a new Opportunity Mission

Red Dead Online players can now go on the hunt for The Ember of the East in the newest Opportunity Mission.

This new mission sends players to Annesburg in search of the flawless ruby. Deal with the tensions between the Senator’s liaison and the foreman of the local mine to reveal additional information and choose how to approach the mission. Players who successfully retrieve the gem before August 2nd will get a free Off-Hand Holster, while completing the mission on any difficulty unlocks the Annesburg Cap in Madam Nazar’s shop.

Also available now is a new crime mission from the Blood Money contact. The Dockside Contract is a three-part mission centered around hitting a local shipping business in Saint Dennis.

In addition to the above, Camp setup fees are waived this week and there are discounts available for role improved saddles, the Bounty Wagon, the Varmint Rifle, and more. The full list of discounted items can be found over on Rockstar’s site.

Finally, players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts before August 2nd receive a free saddle, two free Treasure Maps, and 40 percent off the Fast Travel Post.

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