Rainbow Six Siege’s Void Edge Operators detailed

Ubisoft officially unveiled Rainbow Six Siege’s newest Operators to the world during the Six Invitational 2020.

The first Operator joining the roster in Operation Void Edge is Jordanian defender Oryx. Oryx has access to a Remah Dash ability that allows him to quickly sprint forward, knock down Operators, and smash through barricades and unreinforced walls. The Remah Dash requires charges that replenish over time and instantly reset to zero upon breaking through a wall.

In addition to busting through walls, Oryx has another ability that allows him to jump up and grab open hatches. After grabbing the ledge of the hatch, he can choose to either climb through or drop back down. This ability does not require Remah Dash charges and cannot be used on roof hatches.

Joining Oryx in Void Edge is Dutch Operator Iana. This new attacker uses a Gemini Replicator gadget to create a perfect copy of herself. The hologram copies her headgear, uniform, and weapon skin, and can be controlled by the player. While it does look and move like Iana, the hologram cannot shoot or attack defenders and is unable to climb ladders or repel.

Finally, Operation Void Edge will rework the Oregon map. A few changes include removing the exterior door on the dining hall bomb site, expanding the office tower, the addition of a new freezer section, and the removal of the ladder to the first floor.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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