Rainbow Six Siege’s Road to the Six Invitational event is back

Ubisoft has brought back Rainbow Sis Siege‘s Road to the Six Invitational in-game event back ahead of the actual Six Invitational starting later this month.

The event runs until February 21st and lets players take any Operator into the Stadium map, which combines elements from the Border and Coastline maps and features both day and night variants. Players will compete in a three-minute, three-round unranked Plant Bomb match, with a Pick and Ban mode.

Additionally, captains Mira, Capitão, Ash, and Vigil, as well as their teams will be sporting outfits from the Battle Pass in this mode.

Ubisoft also announced that players who purchase the High Calibre Battle Pass bundle will instantly unlock 20 tiers, instead of the usual 12. Anyone who has previously bought the bundle will be gifted eight free tiers. Finally, a Double Battle Points event is scheduled for February 5th-6th, which will let players progress through the pass faster.

The actual Six Invitational enters the Group Stage on February 8th-12th, with the Playoffs happening on February 14th until February 20th, and the Grand Final taking place on February 20th.

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