Rainbow Six Extraction update focuses on bug fixes

A new update has been released for Rainbow Six Extraction that addresses a couple of issues.

According to the patch notes, fixes are now in place to prevent freezes/lag on Xbox, crashes at launch on PC, and a crash caused by throwing stun grenades near Blinding Spores. Additionally, bugs that caused infinite airlock transitions and players being unable to perform key actions have been fixed.

Take a look at the full patch notes below:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing freezes/lag during gameplay for Xbox players. 
  • Fixed multiple issues causing the game to crash on launch on PC. 
  • Fixed an issue where throwing Stun Grenades near Blinding Spores would occasionally cause the game to crash. 
  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to occasionally get stuck in an infinite Airlock transition. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Sludge’s hitbox. 
  • Fixed multiple instances where players would find themselves unable to interact or perform other key actions. (voting, aiming, shooting etc.) 

Rainbow Six Extraction is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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