Rainbow Six Extraction gets an extensive gameplay overview trailer

It might still be four months away from release, but Rainbow Six Extraction has just released an extensive gameplay overview trailer that runs the numbers.

Specifically, the game will include 13 missions, 25 gadgets, 69 weapons, and 13 enemy types, as well as the 18 Siege Operators that make up over 800 possible squad combinations in the PvE spinoff. Extraction will also feature an overarching progression system, as well as progression for each Operator.

Extraction‘s 13 mission types will span four regions—New York, San Francisco, Alaska, and New Mexico—that host 12 large-scale environments, which are “three times bigger” than most Siege maps. Some of the mission types listed in the trailer include Nest Tracking, Specimen, Decontamination, Shutdown, and MIA. Each run will randomize the enemies and variables to ensure that missions don’t feel repetitive.

While some of the gadgets might be familiar to Siege players, there are several new gadgets specifically built to combat parasitic monsters. The Field Wall blocks incoming projectile fire, the Glue Grenade slows down enemies, and the React Laser quickly removes Sprawl.

The trailer also revealed a new enemy type in the Protean. This high-level enemy mimics a random Operator and will use that Operator’s gadgets and weapons against you.

Rainbow Six Extraction is scheduled to launch in January 2022 for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia.

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