PUBG’s 9.1 update includes a 60 FPS option for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

The next major update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will introduce a 60 FPS mode for players on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

The official patch notes for update 9.1 mentions a change to the Framerate Priority option that will raise the current FPS cap of 30 to 60 when playing on the X or Pro. As a tradeoff, the resolution will be dropped to 1080p when using this mode.

PUBG Corp. also mentions in the patch notes that it is “investigating ways to bring the lifted frame cap to other console devices as well.”

Elsewhere, Update 9.1 introduces the new Paramo map. This map features an active volcano and landmarks and terrain that will be relocated for every session. The Blue Zone will also shrink slowly on this map, but deals more damage.

The update is available to try out now on the test server. To access it, search for and download the “PUBG – Public Test Server” on the Microsoft Store on Xbox One or the Purchased section of the Library on PlayStation 4.

Read the full patch notes for Update 9.1 here.

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