PUBG: Battlegrounds update adds carry feature, brings Halloween to Erangel

Update: Starting today, console players can carry their allies to safety, check out the Halloween-themed Erangel, and jump into a new ranked season.

Read the full patch notes for Update 14.1 on console here.

Original Story: Krafton has outlined the changes being made to PUBG: Battlegrounds with the release of its 14.1. update.

The update launches October 6th on PC, with a console release to follow on October 14th, and gives the Erangel map a Halloween makeover. The School, Hospital, and Starting island area have all been decorated and Halloween weather with a unique moon color and fog will be introduced following the update.

Players will also finally be able to carry downed allies to safety with the release of 14.1. While carrying, players cannot sprint, jump, crouch, prone, or hurdle, but the carried player will act as a human shield to take incoming fire. The player being carried can still spot with a limited field of vision.

Other changes include tweaks to the Taego and Erangel maps, a new ranked season, and a new map rotation. Read the full patch notes here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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