PUBG: Battlegrounds’ 17.1 update brings back the original Sanhok

PUBG: Battlegrounds players will be able to drop into the original Sanhok map later this month with the release of Update 17.1, developer Krafton has announced.

The upcoming update reverts the map to its launch state, including the Bootcamp, Ruins, Docks, and Quarry points of interest. In addition, the Jammer Pack, Decoy Grenade, and Loot Truck are being removed.

“Therefore, even if it is undeniably sad to say goodbye to a longtime feature, we have decided to revert Sanhok to its original appearance and work on making it better by starting from the very beginning,” the developer added. “We are of course continuously discussing various methods on improving Sanhok moving forward.”

Update 17.1 also brings with the ACE32 7.62mm assault rifle, Season 17 of Ranked, a nerf for the Tactical Pack, and more. Read the full patch notes here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds‘ 17.1 update arrives on PC April 13th, with a console release to follow on April 21st.

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