PUBG: Battlegrounds 16.2 update includes the Tactical Pack, Spotter Scope, and more

Two new pieces of Tactical Gear are coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds later this month with the release of Update 16.2, developer Krafton has announced.

The first of these new additions is the Tactical Pack, which allows players to store “almost any type of item.” The Tactical Pack takes up the primary weapon slot, has four attachment slots, and can hold weapons, helmets, vests, item stacks, and more.

Joining the Tactical Pack is the Spotter Scope. The scope has a fixed 4x zoom magnification feature and will show real-time distance to a target as well as mark any enemy players and drones within 1KM with a white icon. Players can also share these locations with their teammates by placing the scope’s targeting reticle over the enemy or drone to mark them with a red icon.

In addition to the above, a private Aim/Sound Lab is being added that will allow players to test their aim and sound recognition through various drills. Read the full patch notes for 16.2 here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds‘ 16.2 update is scheduled to release March 16th for PC, with a console release to follow on March 24th.

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