Psychonauts 2 update makes finding figments easier, adds combat challenges

Double Fine has released a new update for Psychonauts 2 that focuses on making it easier for players to find all of the collectibles.

Following this update, players who have finished the main story can return to the Otto-Matic and purchase the Otto-Spot filter for 75 psitanium. This filter is usable with the camera from Otto’s Lab and will highlight all nearby collectibles. The filter turns the world black and white, but leaves all figments colorful, making them easy to spot.

“Using the filter, players will be able to adjust their view of the game world and look at everything around them,” the developer said. “Even things that might be normally blocked from view without the filter. This will make locating that last gosh-dang figment much easier and should help anyone looking to reach rank 102.”

This update also adds a new checkmark to areas to show when all items have been found and allows players to see all figment designs, even if they haven’t found them.

In addition to the above, a new seismometer has been added to Otto’s Lab. Unlocked after completing Gisu’s side quest to find all psychoseimometers, players can use this new feature to take on a variety of randomized combat challenges. This should make it easier for players to get achievements completed that involve specific enemies. Read the full patch notes here.

Psychonauts 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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