PSO2: New Genesis Kvaris region gameplay shows new enemies, Floating Boards, more

Sega has shared an extended look at the new Kvaris region coming to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on June 8th.

In the footage below, we get a look at the new enemies that players will be facing, new trials, Floating Boards, a new Battledia Challenge, and a new Urgent Quest fight against the Crocodylis Vera. Sega also revealed the new skills coming for each class in the update, including Wand Attack Extra for Techters and Katana PA Combo Finish for Bravers.

The upcoming update also contains a level cap increase to 60, Chapter 3 of the game’s story, new Alliance Tasks and rewards, an auto-sell system for enemy drops, new AC Scratches, and more.

Following the Kvaris update, Sega plans to release the Rayjord Gorge Exploration Sector on June 15th and a Rank 2 version of the Dark Falz fight in a Trigger Quest on June 22nd.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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