PS5 update adds warning to show which version of a game is being launched

Sony has released a small update for the PlayStation 5 that will now warn you if you’re playing the PlayStation 4 version of a game that has a next-gen upgrade available.

When booting up one of these games, if you are still running the PS4 version, a small message will pop up that will ask you if you want to stick to the PS4 version or switch to the PS5 version.

It might seem weird that the PS5 wouldn’t just launch, you know, the PS5 version of a game if you owned it, but that seems due to the way that PlayStation has handled its next-gen upgrades.

As opposed to Xbox’s Smart Delivery, which replaces an Xbox One version of a game with its Series X|S version, Sony allows PS5 owners to download both versions of a game, leading to some confusion. Now, that confusion should be cleared up.

Source: Destructoid

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