Prison Architect’s Island Bound expansion arrives in June

Prison Architect’s Island Bound expansion will arrive on PC and consoles in June, publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Double Eleven have announced.

The expansion allows players to create island prisons with no direct access road. This means that players will have to utilize new ferry and helicopter transport options for supplies and inmates. However, more access points mean more ways to sneak in contraband.

To help players out, there are also new security objects that make it easier to search deliveries and prisoners. Players can also call in Air Firefighters, Elite Ops Teams, and Air Paramedics if things get a little out of control.

In addition to the above, Island Bound introduces fifteen nautical tiles and objects for customizing prisons, as well as Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island as premade maps.

“We originally teased Island Bound at PDXCON last year and our players have been speculating about what we’ve been creating ever since. Island Bound is our first all-original, full-fledged, content expansion for Prison Architect since Paradox purchased the IP in 2019,” Steacy McIlwham, Product Manager for Prison Architect at Paradox Interactive, said. “We are happy to bring Island Bound to all of Prison Architect’s players on PC and console – a first in Prison Architect history.”

Prison Architect: Island Bound launches June 11th, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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