Predator: Hunting Grounds update adds new mode and map

The long-awaited new map and game mode for Predator: Hunting Grounds have finally arrived as part of the 2.05 update.

Following the update, players will be able to jump into Clash, a 4v4 PVP mode that lasts roughly 15 minutes. Two Fireteams will spawn on one of the game’s maps with the goal being to capture a location before the next capture area spawns. Each point gained from capturing the point and killing enemies will fill the Predator meter. Once this meter is full, one player on the team will be transformed into the Predator.

“But I’ll warn you all, even with a Predator on your side you must keep your head up and your eyes peeled,” lead designer Jordan Matthewson added in a PlayStation Blog post. “The Predator can do some serious damage, but this time there is no second wind or target isolation like there is in Hunt. There is no mudding up for fire teams either – it’s go mode! If you die, you respawn – there is no downtime, and as they say, “Failure is not an option.” 

While the new map, Excavation, still features the game’s iconic jungle, but introduces a multi-level cave system that “will force both the Fireteam and Predator to think vertically and spatially.”

Other changes include an increase in the number of available loadouts, a new quickplay menu, balance changes, and new unlockable cosmetics. Read the full patch notes here.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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