Predator: Hunting Grounds is getting a new map and mode in September

IllFonic confirmed in a post on the PlayStation Blog that the previously teased new map and mode for Predator: Hunting Grounds will finally be added in September.

“We’ve seen the posts on social media and in the forums asking when we are dropping a new map and mode,” CEO Charles Brungardt said. “While we cannot share the exact date yet, we wanted to give some transparency to the months you can expect to get these items – the new map and mode will both be in our September update!”

The developer didn’t offer any actual details about the map or the mode, but did reconfirm that they will be free for all players and not paid DLC.

Before these new additions arrive though, IllFonic will be delivering update 2.0 for the game on August 28th. This update will allow players to invite friends to a party from other platforms and make the City Hunter’s Classic Combistick and Wrist Launcher available to all players.

Update 2.0 also brings with a Fire Team Supply Drop that includes the OWLF Assault Rifle, the Anti-Cloaking Grenade, UAV Scanner, and the Self Revive Syrette. Finally, the Field Locker is being updated with three new Predator Masks, a new Fireteam Ballistic Mask, and additional tints and shaders.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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