Portal comes to Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Evil Genius 2 players can now bring a little Portal flair to their evil lairs with the release of the free Portal Pack DLC.

The DLC is available now for all players on PC and includes the Test Chamber room type as well as the Propulsion Gel, Repulsion Gel, Cake That Is A Lie, and Aperture Science Multi-Purpose Science Panel traps. Players will also receive four new loot items, three lair items, new decor items, and some Portal-based Side Story Objectives to complete.

Accompanying the Portal Pack DLC is the new Mechanical Minions Pack. Purchasing this latest premium DLC drop grants access to the Work-O-Tron and The GuardBot 2.0 minions, three new lair items, and additional Side Story Objectives. The DLC is included in the season pass or can be purchased separately.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination is available now on PC.

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