Pokémon Unite Nintendo Switch release date confirmed

Free-to-start Pokémon-themed MOBA Pokémon Unite will be available on Nintendo Switch from July 21st, 2021, The Pokémon Company has announced.

The game sees two teams made up of five Pokémon competing in Unite Battles to score the most points before the timer runs out. To earn these points, players must defeat wild and opposition Pokémon to gather Aeos energy and then deposit it in the opposing team’s goal.

There’s also Pokémon and Trainer customization, a Battle Pass full of rewards, and cross-platform play and progression between Nintendo Switch and the mobile release, which is scheduled to launch in September 2021.

In addition to revealing the release date, The Pokémon Company announced that anyone who plays the game on Nintendo Switch before August 31st will receive Zeraora as a playable character for free. “Zeraora can close the distance between itself and its opponents in the blink of an eye, just like lightning, and deal massive amounts of damage all at once,” the company added.

Pokémon Unite launches July 21st for Nintendo Switch, with a mobile release set for September 2021.

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