PlayStation leaks The Last of Us ‘Part I’ PS5 remake, also on PC

PlayStation leaked a remake of The Last of Us for PlayStation 5 and PC, and it’s apparently launching this year.

Twitter personality Wario64 spotted listings for The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation Direct before Sony took it down. The listing shows the standard edition will retail for $69.99 and a Firefly Edition will retail for $99.99, though it’s as of now unclear what’s different between the two versions. Both editions will come with the prequel chapter, Left Behind.

While the store listing was inactivated, a trailer showing the game in action is still available to watch.

The listing states that, in addition to enhanced graphics, the gameplay is “faithfully reproduced but incorporating modernized gameplay” with “improved controls and expanded accessibility options.” There will also be “enhanced exploration and combat.”

Players won’t have long to wait until they can play a “built from the ground up for the PS5” version of the classic Naughty Dog game. It’s set to launch on PS5 on September 2nd, 2022, with a PC version also in development. We expect that Sony will announce it sometime during the initial Summer Game Fest celebrations, maybe even during the opening ceremony.

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