PlayStation 5 is Sony’s ‘biggest console launch ever,’ restock coming soon

If you’ve tried to buy a PlayStation 5 (without paying exorbitant markups to scalpers), you know that the system has been selling out pretty much everywhere almost immediately. Now, Sony has offered an official statement on how the launch has gone—and offered a reason to hope those without a new console may still be able to get one this year.

In a post on the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony touted the PlayStation 5 launch as the biggest new gaming console launch in the company’s history, though it stopped short of providing any hard-and-fast sales numbers. Suffice it to say, though, given the speed at which preorders and new shipments have sold out, the limiting factor here is demand, not supply.

But those of us who haven’t yet gotten their hands on a PS5 also have some reason to be hopeful, thanks to the other part of the message.

“We wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year,” the tweet reads. Of course, that’s rather vague. We don’t know when that additional inventory will ship to stores, nor how much we can expect. It’s even unclear if the shipments will arrive in time for most people to do their holiday shopping. Still, any reason to hope is welcome.

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