Planet Zoo’s South America DLC adds new animals

Frontier Developments has released the South America Pack DLC for Planet Zoo.

This latest DLC lets players add Jaguars, Llamas, Capuchin Monkeys, Giant Anteaters, and Red-Eyed Tree Frogs to their zoos. Each of these new animals have their own set of needs and habitat requirements to keep them happy and healthy. As well as these new animals, the South America DLC includes more than 250 new scenery items that players can use to decorate their zoos.

Joining the DLC is a new update for the game that is free for all players. To start with, the update introduces two new difficulty settings alongside the current normal option that will affect a number of parameters. In addition, there’s a new Genealogy tab for tracing an animal’s family tree, new glass pieces, and changes to staff and guests.

Read the full patch notes for update 1.2 here.

Planet Zoo’s South America DLC is available now on PC for $9.99.

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