Planet Zoo’s Africa Pack introduces five new animals

Planet Zoo players will soon be able to expand their zoos further with the introduction of four new habitat animals and one exhibit, Frontier Developments has announced.

The Africa Pack lets players create homes for the Meerkat, Fennec Fox, African Penguin, and Southern White Rhinoceros. There’s also a new Sacred Scarab Beetle exhibit to keep guests entertained.

In addition to the new animals, players will receive more than 180 new pieces of scenery that are inspired by North Africa. The new additions include “mudbrick, vivid mosaic tiles, brightly painted benches, and a wide range of new foliage.”

Finally, players can look forward to a new timed scenario that takes place in a secluded oasis bazaar and tasks players with making a success of the struggling attraction.

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack launches June 22nd for PC.

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