Planet Zoo adding new mode following beta feedback

Following feedback from beta players, Frontier Developments has announced plans to add a fourth game mode to Planet Zoo.

“We’ve seen some feedback and discussion regarding Franchise Mode and the fact that it is always online,” the developer wrote on Steam. “As we mentioned in our previous post, Franchise Mode working online is an important requirement in order to utilise all of the community and online features. HOWEVER, we are also aware that many of you would like to have the option to play a Sandbox-style gameplay mode which includes many of the Franchise features that offer a greater managerial challenge, in an offline experience.”

The game will now feature Career, Sandbox, Franchise Mode, and a fourth “currently unnamed” mode at launch. This new mode will let players “enjoy much of the Franchise experience, without the online requirements.”

The mode will include a full economy, guest needs, research, education, animals, and more, but will not feature trading between players, Leaderboards zoos, and Community Challenges, according to the developer.

Planet Zoo launches November 5th for PC.

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