Planet Coaster: Console Edition delayed, Xbox Series X and PS5 versions added

Frontier Developments has announced that Planet Coaster: Console Edition is coming to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“Over the past year or so, the team have dedicated themselves to bringing the full Planet Coaster experience to consoles; we have made some amazing strides with technology, and the game is looking and playing incredibly well,” the developer wrote in an update on Twitter.

“We were always looking at the launch of Planet Coaster: Console Edition as a way to bring this wonderful game both to the current and next-generation of creative builders and management sim enthusiasts, so we are happy to announce that we’re not only launching on current-gen consoles, but also next-gen, meaning PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.”

The developer also announced that it is moving the release window of the Console Edition back from summer 2020 to holiday 2020. Read the full statement from Frontier Developments below:

Planet Coaster: Console Edition is now coming to Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in holiday 2020.

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