Phoenix Point: Complete Edition arrives on PC and Stadia

The Complete Edition of strategy game Phoenix Point is now available on PC and Stadia, Snapshot Games has announced.

This new edition of the game bundles together the “Legacy of the Ancients,” “Blood and Titanium,” “Festering Skies,” “Corrupted Horizons,” “Chaos Engines,” and “Living Weapons Pack” DLCs in a single package. These add-ons include new story campaigns, missions, modes, soldiers, enemies, and more.

The developer has also released the final update for the game on PC. This update introduces Steam Workshop modding support and also unlocks all cosmetic soldier skins, including the previously console-only “Neon” skins and two brand-new skins: the Aztec Priest and Pandoran Technician.

Phoenix Point is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

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