Phantasy Star Online 2’s Summer Event is now underway

Arks can now celebrate the summer with the start of Phantasy Star Online 2’s Summer Event.

During the event, which runs until September 2nd, players will be able to complete Urgent Quests, Client Orders, and more to earn some summer-themed rewards. To start with, Ship-Wide and Extreme Quest Boosts will be available for the next week, offering players 50 percent bonus XP, a 50 percent increase to rare item drop rate, and a 50 percent increase in Meseta earned.

The Beach Wars Urgent Quest is also going on for the duration of the event. In this new exercise, players will need to team up in groups of 12 to battle Felspawn at the beach. The exercise is complete when 800 points have been amassed and will reward a number of weapons, including the Aura Legars assault rifle and Aura Estur rod. Players can also get increased xp gain and item drop rate when wearing beach attire in the mode. A full list of eligible attires can be found here.

Finally, players can complete the Summer 2020 Bingo Card while taking part in Beach Wars. Complete the tasks on the card to acquire the Banancher weapon camo, Marron Balloon, and Melon Balloon. Read more about the Summer Event here.

In other news, Sega recently released Episode 4 for Phantasy Star Online 2 which adds new story content, increases the level cap, and more.

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