Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis’ Winter Event begins

Sega has kicked off a Winter Event for its MMO Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

For the duration of the event, Central City will have a wintery makeover, seasonal enemies will be spawning around Aelio and Retem, and players can earn seasonal points. These points can be traded with Xiandy for a new Mag Form, a Tiger Cape, augments, and more.

Players can also earn the new five-star Tempesta weapon series in this event. These weapons, which come with a wind element attached, can be acquired from Xiandy or dropped by seasonal enemies.

Looking forward, the next World Trial gets underway on January 19th. As in the previous trial, players will need to hunt down Stellar Graces scattered around the world that reward Meseta, augment capsules, Scratch Tickets, SG, and more. In addition to the rewards, a rare drop rate boost is on offer based on how many are collected.

Finally, part two of the event begins on January 26th and will add new items to Xiandy’s shop, including the Tiger Head-Mount, Star Gems, and Special Scratch Tickets.

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