Payphone Hits bonuses this week in GTA Online

Rockstar has revealed this week’s selection of bonuses and discounts for Grand Theft Auto Online players.

To start with, Business Battles and Criminal Damage are paying out triple GTA$ and RP, with Gerald’s Last Play Missions and Running Back (Remix) offering double the usual rewards. In addition, players can get an extra 50 percent GTA$ and RP from Payphone Hits as well as GTA$200,000 for completing three Payphone Hits this week.

Players can also request a free Supply Stash from Franklin in Freemode that is filled with Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Ammo, Armor, and Health.

Moving onto this week’s discounts. The Heavy Rifle is discounted by 30 percent, the Coil Stun Gun is 25 percent off, the Coil Compact EMP Launcher is reduced by 25 percent, and all ammo and body armor is available at a 30 percent discount.

Finally, players linking their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming account can get GTA$100,000 for playing this week.

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