Payday 2’s Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4 DLC adds three new weapons

Payday 2 players can now pick up the latest DLC from Jiu Feng, Starbreeze Studios has announced.

Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4 contains the Gecko M2 Pistol, Wasp-DS SMG, and Argos III Shotgun, as well as an exclusive Weapon Set for the shotgun and SMG. In addition to the weapons and weapon set, players receive nine weapon modifications and four weapon colors.

Starbreeze also pushed a new update live to accompany the DLC that introduces the “Zenitco 4-p – Compact Russian laser sight” and “Zenitco dtk putnik – Unique compact suppressor” mods.

Payday 2‘s Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4 is available now for $3.99.

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