Paw Patrol World preview

It’s a dog-save-dog open world

Publisher: Outright Games
Developer: 3DClouds
Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: 09.29.2023

Since 2018, Outright Games has worked together with a number of developers to create a line of action games based on the pups of the Paw Patrol. Whereas most have focused on more linear experiences, the franchise’s next outing looks to take Ryder and his canine companions somewhere they’ve never been: an open-world adventure.

Previously, missions would lock players into specific pups with strict limits on where they could go or what they needed to do. Now, in Paw Patrol World, players can swap between the members of the Paw Patrol at any time, as they freely run around various familiar locations in order to stop Mayor Humdinger’s latest scheme.

“[We wanted] players to feel like they were in the world of Paw Patrol with the freedom to explore, play, and have fun as the pups,” explained Martin Willingham, producer on Paw Patrol World. “They can switch between all eight from the beginning, and at any time, they can switch from being ‘on paws’ as a pup to driving their pup’s vehicle.”

It’s only fitting that the entirety of the Paw Patrol should always be part of the action this time around, given the game’s story is both about a festival to celebrate Adventure Bay’s heroes, and the celebration surrounding the series itself.

“As it’s the 10-year anniversary of Paw Patrol in 2023, we wanted that to factor into the narrative,” Willingham said. “So, we came up with the festival for Paw Patrol Day.”

Paw Patrol World’s gameplay may be more styled around open-world adventures, but you can still hop in and play together with a friend.

One especially fun twist on that theme is that, as players recover stolen festival posters, they’ll unlock bonus missions inspired by holiday episodes from the series.

“The best example [is] ‘Pups Save the Trick-or-Treaters’,” Willingham said. “We redress one of the areas as if it’s Halloween, and have a spooky time. It’s really fun, and brings even more variety to the game.”

From gameplay that better encourages Paw Patrol fans to play how and with which pups they want, to an improved selection of accessibility options (including full voice acting for those too young to read on-screen dialog), Paw Patrol World looks to expand the franchise in some pawsome new ways.

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