Paris burns in Steelrising’s launch trailer

Greedfall developer Spiders is celebrating the launch of its new Soulslike, Steelrising, with a launch trailer that sets the stage of a revolutionary Paris on fire.

It’s 1789 and King Louis XVI has quelled the revolution with his automaton army. As Aegis, you must save the queen’s missing children and put an end to her husband’s bloody reign, all while conspiring with several of France’s most significant historical figures.

In our 4-star review of Steelrising, we said that Spiders’ latest “tries to mimic elements of FromSoftware’s action RPG classics without always understanding what made said elements work. When Spiders leans less on taking inspiration from other games and more on presenting its own ideas, however, we get an intriguing—and surprisingly deep—alternate take on an important moment in France’s history.”

Steelrising is out now on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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